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Nature Crib Set

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This standard size crib set is handmade and includes a fitted sheet, a ruffled comforter and a ruffled bumper. The theme is "Nature", hence the color and pattern. This crib set uses material that is soft to the touch to comfortably welcome your new baby home.

Our Whisper diaper stacker could be the perfect addition to the set as its color beautifully coordinates with that of the crib set. 

Nature crib set

Following are the dimensions:
Comforter: 38 in. x 48 in.
Bumper: 12 in. x 160 in.
Fitted Crib Sheet: 28 in. x 52 in. with 8 in. pocket depth.

Status: Sold
Price: $ 30.00
Ships in 2 business days.

Also available separately:

Nature Bumper  arrowgreen

Nature Bumper Status: Sold
Price: $ 15.99
Ships in 2 business days.

Nature Comforter  arrowgreen

Nature Comforter Status: Sold
Price: $ 15.99
Ships in 2 business days.

Nature Fitted Sheet  arrowgreen

Nature fitted sheet Status: Sold
Price: $ 5.99
Ships in 2 business days.

Printed pattern: 100% cotton.
Solid fabric: poly-cotton blend.

Machine wash and dry. Use gentle cycle.
Avoid harsh detergent.

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