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Blue Stripe Glider Pad Covers

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I recovered L. A.'s glider pads to blend with the rest of her nursery decor. I previously made a number of nursery accessories for her, including these silk pillows and shams, two ruffled  ivory cotton bolsters. Most recently, I also made
a few sheer panels and French pinch pleat panels for her windows.

This time around, she sent me her glider pads to be recovered with a beautiful blue and camel striped material. I used the leftover fabric from the trim on the pinch pleat panels to make the back side of a small pillow to tie it all together.

If you are interested in having a similar product made, please contact us.

Glide pad covers

===== Glide pad covers ==== Glide pad covers
Back cushion Bottom pad
Back rest Bottom cushion
Decorative pillow Decorative stripe pillow Decorative pillow
Camel and blue stripe pillows

"... the cushions are so beautiful, I am afraid that
someone will sit on them.

... thanks, you are very talented." 
L.A. of New York, NY

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