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Custom bedding for a Stokke Mini and Crib System

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This is a bedding for a bassinet and an oval crib. It is mainly orange and pink.
Here is what I made: fitted sheets, a diaper stacker, a toy bag and a bumper that comes in four pieces: two for the bassinet and two more for the crib when the bassinet converts to a crib.
I doubled the bumper padding to make it look full and added extra ties.
I also made a few decorative pillows.
Bassinet pictures: Courtesy of my customer G. T.

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Stokke Mini Stokke bassinet


Bassinet with toy bag

Bassinet fitted sheet Oval crib fitted sheet
Bassinet fitted sheet
Daisy crib fitted sheet
Stokke 4-piece bumper
4-piece Dupioni silk bumper
Stokke fitted sheet Orange diaper stacker
Heart crib fitted sheet
Diaper stacker
Flower toy bag Decorative pillows
Toy bag
Heart throw pillow Daisy throw pillow
Heart Pillow
Daisy Pillow
Silk pillow
Silk pillow

"Here are a few pictures of the bassinet. It's beautiful."
G. T. of Jersey City, NJ

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