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Gray and White Stokke Set

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For this Stokke bedding set, I made two bumpers: one to fit the Stokke crib, and the other to fit the Stokke bassinet. The main fabric, gray and white stripe is also used in bias on the piping and the bumper ties.

A contrasting maroon fabric is used to make the fitted sheets. To complete the set I made an extra long bolster in a velvet fabric and a small piped one in the same gray and white stripe fabric.

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Stokke crib bumper

Stokke crib fitted sheet

Crib bumper 

Crib fitted sheet 


Mini bumper

Stokke mini fitted sheet

Bassinet bumper 

Bassinet fitted sheet 

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Stokke crib and mini bumpers

Piped bolster pillow


Piped bolster  


Made for T. P of San Francisco, CA

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